Meet Denise

There are many challenges you may be facing in your daily life. It is during these times that additional support is helpful to develop the tools necessary; not only to move through difficult times, but to ultimately sustain an overall healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle.

I am so happy to have lived most of my life in Mid Coast Maine and can work with those in the community to seek out life's joys and opportunities. As a therapist, it is essential to work with people where they are and help guide them to where they want to be. I have assisted people ranging in age from 5 to 65, along such paths in a variety of settings and ranges of diagnostic severity.

My “clinical style” is instinctively relational, and empathetic. I believe that people have an inherent ability for self-understanding, and positive change when supported through the counseling process. My experience has varied from dealing with depressive and anxiety disorders, co-occurring populations and people in crisis situations. The work that we will do involves clarification of concerns, educating and supporting you to draw from personal strengths; seeking to help in identifying and attaining future goals and
setting objectives to attain them. 
I have applied different techniques of therapies, to focus on hearing, discussing, and then developing realistic and manageable goals based on mutual agreement.

My educational background includes a Master's degree in clinical mental health counseling from Southern New Hampshire University; treatment modalities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Addiction Counseling, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy with certification in Suicide Prevention and Domestic Violence.

Seaside Cliffs